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Michael J. Stewart

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May 23, 2011 - All videos available for instant download.

We have a new vid: "Chloe & Natashka".

To buy download videos, use the shopping cart buttons on the video pages. After you checkout and complete payment through Paypal, check your email. Within about a minute you should receive an email from upp_orders@yahoo.com (that's Cinesmoke) containing your download links.

Sometimes the links email goes into your spam folder.

Your download links will work for three days. After that, they will expire. If you have a problem though, please contact me.

All download vids are Quicktime (.mov) files, high quality & full resolution. They are large file sizes though, ranging from 500 MB to 1.6 GB.

We are using a new delivery system for the download vids, and I would be very interested to get people's feedback on the experience.

Of course, all Cinesmoke downloads and dvds come with a 100% unconditional money back guarantee. That's "unconditional" as in "if for any reason you are not satisfied".

Best, Michael

Based in Northern California, Cinesmoke is committed to the art of smoking glamour, and looks forward to exploring it further and doing many cool things in the future.

You are more than welcome to download any pictures from this site and distribute them over the Internet, put them on web sites, trade 'em with your friends, whatever you like.

Pics from an early video...

2011 Cinesmoke