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Marina starred in a video for me awhile back, but due to my inexperience with shooting models and some serious technical problems with the tape, the video is terrible.  So I'm not releasing it, but I hope you enjoy the pics.

Early morning, chilly, Marina lights up the first cigarette of the day and starts smoking for her first (and only) smoking video.

Getting a light.  This scene wasn't very exciting, but the cool thing is that when we started the shoot, she said she doesn't smoke much, only on weekends with her sister.  Said she only smokes one or two cigarettes though.  Then a couple minutes later I asked her in this scene if she ever smokes alone, she said yes, then she said that actually on weeknights after work she likes to smoke one or two cigarettes by herself. Pretty cool.

Getting another light. Her first time smoking with a holder.

Trying out the holder.

Smoking a Saratoga...

Then, from the variety of brands sitting on the bench before her, Marina opens up a pack of Mores and tries one out. Before today, she had pretty much only smoked Marlboros, I was happy to give her the chance to try out something new. :)   I asked her during this scene if she considers herself a smoker, she said no. She's kidding herself.

Lighting up a Virginia Slim.

Smoking her Virginia Slim and talking about stuff.

Two cigarettes at once, just Marlboro reds but what the hell.   She couldn't believe when I told her that's what I wanted her to do, she thought it was really crazy, then she started getting into it.

Having another VS and taking in the scenery at the park.

This was some kind of filtered cigar, I don't know the names of any of them, but usually when I'm getting stuff for a shoot if I see a pack of little filtered cigars I gotta buy them.   She was liking it at first, then it started getting to strong for her.

After the filtered cigar, there was some more stuff for her to choose from, she selected a Nat Sherman's cigarette.  They're like dark brown or black with a gold filter, and while smoking it she said it looked cute.

The cigar scene. She didn't inhale deeply, but she inhaled. Not that I asked her to, I don't think she knows your not supposed to inhale cigar smoke, so her lack of experience here adds nicely to the scene. It's her first cigar, not a very good one probably (I'm a cheapskate when I'm buying stuff for videos) but good enough that she said she'd try smoking a cigar again in the future.

Marina uses her lit Virginia Slim to light a More. She smokes a bit of the More, and then, as instructed, smokes both the cigarettes at the same time. I said how is it, she says "It's a good cigarette," I say which one, she says "both of them."  

And finally, I wasn't gonna let her go without smoking two Virginia Slims at the same time. So she lights them and smokes up. I have to admit, she obviously wasn't a very experienced smoker, but she did a good job of smoking right til the end, it was a lot of cigarettes total, this page only shows some of the smoking that was going on, there was more.  She smoked more cigarettes today than she usually does in a week I think. So she did good.

2011 Cinesmoke