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Sara & Grace...  $25.00 Download Now:    
  running time: 32 minutes  |  file type: Quicktime (.mov)  |  file size: 600 MB

A new video for the new year... this one's short but good. Sara is the "Mystery Girl" that made a brief appearance in CIGARETTE FUN. I went to Sara's place to shoot this video with her, and her friend Grace was there and wanted to be in the video too, so it was a lucky opportunity. The first 13 min are Sara alone, the rest of it is the two of them together. Some of Grace's smoking is in the odd style that some asians have, but she does a good job smoking. In the last scene you can see that Sara is getting a bit overwhelmed from the smoke, other than that I personally think she looks very pretty smoking a cigarette. There's scenes of the girls smoking two cigarettes at once, sharing a cigarette, holding cigarettes for each other to smoke, and the last scene has them smoking 4 cigarettes at once. Virginia Slims 120's are smoked exclusively in this video. Camera work is straightforward, nothing fancy, really good live sound, and just enough talking to meet the girls.

Running time: 32 min

2011 Cinesmoke