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Lisa & Anaya...  $25.00 Download Now:    
  running time: 50 minutes  |  file type: Quicktime (.mov)  |  file size: 940 MB

This video is all live sound, and there's a good amount of talking in the first half. In fact there's a couple minutes of talking to Anaya (girl pictured sitting by the pool) and she's not even smoking, normally I never do this but for some reason wanted to get her to talk a bit before she smoked. And I left it in because I think it's good stuff, it shows you her charming personality. Anaya is an ex-smoker, she's very health-concious, so she doesn't smoke heavily in this video. But other than that she's damn likable. And Lisa does a good job of smoking.

Running time 50 min

2011 Cinesmoke