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  running time: 57 minutes  |  file type: Quicktime (.mov)  |  file size: 1.1 GB

This is sort of a specialty video, I think. Lily smokes clove cigarettes and her pipe in this video. She's not used to smoking regular cigarettes but I had her smoke some of those, too. She is very talkative, and has many things to say on the subject of smoking, she pretty much talks throughout. She doesn't inhale very deeply, I think because she's used to cloves, but she can french inhale, though it needs a little work. The audio is all live, no music.

Running time: 57 min.

Some video clips...

Smoking a clove and chatting

20 sec

Four at once

21 sec

Pipe and a cigarette

26 sec

2011 Cinesmoke