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Morgana Smoking...  $25.00 Download Now:    
  running time: 49 minutes  |  file type: Quicktime (.mov)  |  file size: 900 MB

With a special appearance by Della!

Morgana was pretty excited about being in a smoking video. She smokes VS 10's, B&H 100's, a Marlboro 100, some other kind of cigarette she brought also. On this video I was experimenting with some new lighting equipment and trying some different stuff on my camera and I really kind of blew it, it doesn't look like what I would have wanted, and I trimmed a good deal of footage from the video. In a couple scenes you might notice the picture moves kind of funny (you might not notice though), my fault for using a high shutter speed. Anyway, Morgana's enthusiasm for the video makes me feel better about it, and she does some cool smoking in here. She talks about various things, including what she likes about smoking, she's kind of soft- spoken so you might want to turn it up a little. My favorite part was the scene where she smokes two cigarettes at the same time, she's the first model I've ever worked with that had actually done it previously, and she was good at it. After Morgana's scenes are done we get to see some scenes of Della smoking (night time shots are a little grainy though, I just can't win).      Running time: 49 min (including Della's scenes)

2011 Cinesmoke