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Ashlyn & Nadia...  $25.00 Download Now:    
  running time: 59 minutes  |  file type: Quicktime (.mov)  |  file size: 1.2 GB
Update on this video, Jan 2005: I have dropped the price on this video from $30 to $25 because it's just not selling as many copies as it should. I understand if Ashlyn, the white girl, isn't your type. Let's talk about Nadia, the black girl. She is hot. It is truly a pleasure to watch her smoke. I could be wrong, but I don't see how anyone could not like Nadia. Out of all the girls I've shot with, she is one of my favorites. Just thought I'd offer my opinion. - Michael

Ashlyn and Nadia smoke late into the night in this one, mostly Virginia Slims 120's and Benson & Hedges 100's, with a couple other cigarettes in there, and Nadia smokes a small tipped cigar in one scene. Neither girl has been smoking long, Nadia started smoking cigarettes a year ago (she's only a light smoker but damn...), Ashlyn had tried them from time to time before but took up smoking full time four months ago. Both these girls impressed me with their commitments to school and their plans for the future, Nadia is studying to be a psychologist and Ashlyn plans to work in human rights. It's scary shooting with models that are so much more committed to school than I am. There are some minor distractions in this video (me in several scenes, the light in one scene). This one has an extended Q&A session where each girls tells us how she got started smoking and stuff like that. I had alot of fun shooting with these girls, they're both really nice and I really like this video.       Running time: 59 min

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