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Valerie in SF...  $15.00 Download Now:    
  running time: 25 minutes  |  file type: Quicktime (.mov)  |  file size: 460 MB
Valerie, 22, smokes B&H's at the start, then VS's, some kind of little filtered cigar, a real cigar, and even smokes two cigarettes at the same time (a first for her). She also tells us all about how she got started smoking. The lighting definitely could have been better, but Valerie does some great smoking here (she didn't know what the hell a smoking video is, but right off the bat when she lit up those first B&H's she did a few french inhales and double drags, without even being told to). Valerie has a great sense of humor and some amusing stories, she's sexy, charming, and smokes very nicely.       Running time: 25 min

2011 Cinesmoke